Overseas for water started in October 11, 2012 leaded by Mr. Mohamad Suhail Almarar and Mr. Suhail Mohamad Almarar. As a business entrepreneur they want to distribute product that will benefit all at the same time. So they started with KayaHolding a Turkish Company that produce ABANT spring water the lowest sodium water in the market. Due to healthy option in demand in the market, company strive to grow and in 2014 Overseas for Water is one of the leading distributor in GCC. With the growth of the company they didn’t forget to support the one who are in need, as their mission to support World Health Organization the company provide charity works and sponsoring government projects. With almost four hundred twenty six listing partners like ADNOC, Lulu Supermarket, Abu Dhabi Coop, and many more. This year 2016 Overseas for water is partnering to one of the leading tea maker CAYKUR, manufacturer of DIDI ice tea to add this product in the family a new ways to have tea in a healthy way.



        We Overseas for Water supports Health For All program by World Health Organization, which envisions securing the health and wellbeing of people around the world that has been popularized since the 1970s. Our mission is to distribute the Best product in the market that will enrich the health of the consumer.



  • Guide consumers be healthy.
  • Distribute our product to everyone.
  • Advice people enjoy life, and offer an affordable solution to health care.